Hotel Capannelle

Represents one of our most significant success stories. 250 rooms – located near the ring road of the capital – was in quite a difficult situation.

We took over form Domina with a management formula in June 2010 and after a few months of settling in the structure began to work very well.

We started with drastically reviewing the pricing policy, rapidly becoming visible on the main OTAs, achieving a good return in the short term, which became very good in the long run. We reviewed the group policy which were accepted with long options and release at 30 days, turning them into 7 day options – and take it or leave it deposit on expiry of option.

Of course, many gave up but this allowed us to begin to understand the real occupancy situation of the hotel and so it was easier and more profitable to set a pricing policy. Simultaneously, a new role in the hotel was introduced to work on broadening the business and meeting customer base.

All these operations led, after an initial adjustment phase, to find ourselves today with a hotel with very high occupancy, a fully operational restaurant and bar where it is necessary to book a table for dinner – before this was the least of problems.

There are many other operations that we carried out, Over-Commission: unclear portal rates, extremely interesting group rates for operators, but only during periods that we considered the most appropriate. We made substantial changes to the website and many others that are still in progress. But the truth is that today we can say that the hotel is fully operational and is not affected by the crisis stifling many other hotels, situated in far more strategic positions than the Capannelle.

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