Is the Revenue useful only for those who sell little or badly?

The answer is NO! We already said this millions of times, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it, particularly now that hoteliers are fully booked.

The question is: could I make more money than I am now? The answer is YES, for a number of reasons, first of all: the tourists’/travellers’ (TRAVELLIST) spending power rises at this time of the year, like every summer (and as will happen in the future).

This year, we also have to consider that some foreign countries are less popular because of instable socio-political situations in many countries of high touristic flow; or because of terrorist attacks in holidays areas; or for some other reasons.

This is high season, so called not only because of high temperatures that we need to escape from, but also because people have the physiological need for a holiday at this time of the year.

How a good Revenue hotel acts at this point? First of all, a good Revenue hotel hasn’t already sold all rooms too early at a low price. The Revenue hotelier waits until the last moment to fill the hotel at high prices (because there are people that can spend any kind of amount for a holiday) and sees the profit rising every day.

I am not suggesting we take advantage of terrorist attacks in other countries or to charm money out of every tourist.

I am just saying: READ THE MARKET!


It doesn’t matter if hoteliers are doing well: why settle for less money?

We can help you to earn more, just like we are currently helping more than 250 hotels in our turst. We guarantee the results we promise.

Trust those who have more experience than you, don’t improvise: the good Revenue, is like a tsunami that wipes out everything! Sooner or later everybody will use it, so why not do it now?

If you want, you can contact us at the free number 800 061718 or send us an e-mail for information about this subject. It is completely free! And you will get to know us

Franco Grasso

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