Franco Grasso and family: 300 hotels

And so, we achieved this prestigious goal, we managed to follow 300 hotels simultaneously. How incredible! We have grown and we have become one of the world’s most important revenue management companies. Today we celebrate all the visionary and courageous hoteliers who have trusted us, some blindly, others with perplexities and fears that then became consciousness and joy for the results achieved.

We are still and always at the beginning of the journey and we start from … 300.

We are aware that the path is not only long but even endless, but this is how we like it. We are travellers in the magical world of revenue management and the destination is far less interesting for us than the path to reach it, that we hope to do with more and more people, entrepreneurs and collaborators, to have fun together writing a beautiful page of history of tourism and economy.

Which structures are we following

Let us see in detail the composition of this beautiful family, in Italy and outside Italy. Indeed, Italian establishments were not the only ones to trust us, a sign that revenue management does not work better in one place than another: revenue can be practiced everywhere!

Each entrepreneur has his own sensitivity and ability to make decisions for his own business. In all these years, we have been working hard, and we have traveled extensively through Italy, with our training courses and our revenue management consulting activities. Today we note that in some regions entrepreneurs have understood our message better, but it does not mean that we have not been understood elsewhere: there are those who have followed our advice for a long time and those who are listening to us today. We must leave time to time and … place for everyone!

We kept saying this, and we shall never cease to repeat it: the revenue has no limits except those imposed by one’s mind: The spirit of an entrepreneur who fails to make a leap of quality and modernity to sell the rooms of his hotel or any other accommodation structure. My hotel is different, here things work differently, etc. etc. If there is one thing I do not want to hear anymore, it’s just this!

Can all types of accommodation make revenue? The answer is yes! we facilitate the work of those who are in daily contact with us. very small structures and it is certainly more challenging for employees working within the facility to follow step-by-step, day by day, the directives of the forecast manager. But that does not mean it’s impossible! In larger structures, on the other hand, we lighten the work of those who are in daily contact with us. Not to mention the hotel owners – or other types of companies, since we do not only deal with hotels – who can devote themselves to other things while we take care of increasing their profits!

We love everyone … follow us!

Thank you

Franco Grasso

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