Revenue Controller, goodbye old hotel manager!

Revenue controller, Giovanni Maugeri has the honour of inaugurating a new dynasty and a new era of hotel managers. A professional role perfectly suited to the infinite skills of our team member who, for the occasion, wanted to explain exactly what his new role consists of.

“Working in close contact with Franco Grasso – explains Maugeri –  and being part of the Revenue Team, I have created a new way of “doing” hotel management,  becoming the ”Revenue Controller” which I now am. The revenue controller is he who does not stop at problems but finds solutions. I want – continues the manager – all new hospitality players to become “all round revenue controllers”. Old-style hotel managers should no longer exist, the revenue controller will be the new figure replacing them. Costs, revenues, organisation and management must be seen in this new light which is the only one able to produce positive results”.

Giovanni, who approached to the world of Revenue for the first time almost ten years ago (thanks to my first book and one of my courses) and who has made it an integral part of his life, is now a true expert on the subject – as well as a great professional – especially enthusiastic about the elasticity, dynamism and endless possibilities of revenue applications.

His greatest desire – within the team – is to make Italian hospitality successful, organised and forward-looking, with a view to revenue of course!

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