Revenue Team: who are “they”?

The answer is simple: a tight-knit team with a passion for Revenue Management coursing through its veins, a group that provides assistance 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. See for yourself!

We are often asked what is the most distinguishing characteristic of our team and the work we do.

And more and more often we find ourselves telling our story not only from an operational point of view, but also from a personal perspective.

So, we have decided to introduce ourselves, once again, to the public that is not yet acquainted with us and/or to those who know us … only a little.

Let us start by saying that we are all young (as you may already know).

We are a close-knit group, save for a very specific circumstance: when Juventus and Roma face each other, we are two worlds apart, the heart of the group practically splits in half.

Of course, our taunts are always polite, for goodness sake, but bear in mind that one half of the group (almost) always wins … and the other half does not …

On this subject, might we add that we also have our own football team (the sports world will not remember us for this, but most certainly for the “third half”, which we always make sure not to miss).

There are many women in the group.

They don’t play football.

They are overactive.


Mothers and future mothers who juggle work and family in a most successful way.

And the two aspects of this balance often coincide, because the Revenue Team is a family: with engaged couples, married couples, siblings.

We do not have a typical headquarters with offices, but we work with a computer and a phone wherever we are.

We gather once a week and our meetings are no frills.

We travel with revenue cars and we will soon have a motor home, which we will also use to go away … on holiday.

We are polyglots:  we also work for overseas customers and from overseas locations.

Most of us live in Italy but some have preferred Spain, some Brussels, and others Ireland (until very recently).

As for the rest …

We are a group that provides assistance 7 days a week and practically 24 hours a day.

We reply at all times, really … try for yourselves.

We represent a variable cost for hotels: our compensation is calculated in a small percentage on the increase in turnover that we generate through our work.

We have our very own terminology: we have coined neologisms that are becoming part of the everyday language in our sector.

And we will continue to add to these.

No one else can match our numbers, understood as number of hotels and volume of turnover increase.

It’s as simple as that.

We have Revolution: an intelligent tool designed to provide accurate and actionable insight for revenue management, which is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

We really are the only ones who have this …

We are the largest virtual hotel chain in Italy.

We have a dynamic management control; we were the first to talk about open revenue and the very first to implement it.

We are also the first to implement territorial and destination revenue.

We were the first to write books about Revenue Management.

We have created professional figures that previously didn’t exist.

With our work, we are changing the tourist accommodation market …. we have triggered a real revolution … and this is only the beginning …

Franco Grasso Revenue Team

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