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How to Measure Your 2022 Hotel Profitability

As a hotelier, you know that generating profitable earnings is the key to a successful hotel. However, understanding your profitability ratios isn’t always straightforward because you may not have all the information you need...

Why RMS Will Never Replace Human Revenue Managers

For some hoteliers, a Revenue Management System (RMS) seems like the ticket to higher occupancy and room rates. Get the software, input some data and away you go. Or something like that. Designed to...

The essential overview of hotel dynamic pricing (price tags)

Smart hoteliers view revenue management as a strategic way to improve profits. One component is “dynamic pricing.” You’re familiar with this model when considering your rack rate vs. your bottom prices. Those bottom prices may not cover much more than your costs, but they impact your rack rate months away when you can see higher profits. You’ll see below how this works.