Revenue Academy: here is our new school of Revenue Management

We are finally here: after months getting ready for it, our new project is taking shape and becoming real: ladies and gentlemen, we are glad to announce (with pride – we have to admit it) the birth of Revenue Academy, the first school in Italy dedicated to Revenue Management.

You all know how training has been at the base of our work for years. When we say that Revenue is everyone’s, not only do we say it with certainty, but we also put into practice the concept we firmly believe in. We have demonstrated it during the last 10 years with our free trainings all over Italy and abroad, making video-courses, taking part in events and writing books and essays on the subject.

What we have always observed is this huge need of those who follow us to get to know this discipline every time more deeply. This way, after innumerable requests, we have decided to create Revenue Academy, a unique school where theory goes together with practice. After all, we are the ones who gain experience in the field every day, therefore we have the hotels’ and accommodation facilities’ situation clear in mind and we know what they need to boost their business.

We would like to tell this to those who may want to take part to this ambitious project: the real protagonists of our Academy, the attendees of the courses who, after gaining experience in the field or having not done it yet, got passionate about Revenue Management as we did.

As a matter of fact, everyday more hoteliers state that they are interested in Revenue. And those who are willing to know its mechanisms in order to put them into practice are always more.

In order to know more, who should we contact? In case I already have a job in the field and I’d like to know the “tricks” of the trade from someone who knows this sector like the back of his hand, what should I do? What course should I attend? Does an educational path that meets the needs of both workers and students exist?

Our Revenue Academy aims to answer all these questions. It is a “formative gym” rather than a school, composed of the most valued Revenue Managers of Italy and Europe. Exactly to meet the needs of those who already work in the field and also those who have recently graduated from both high-school or university and are willing to learn the ropes, Franco Grasso, together with Franco Laico and the Revenue Team, elaborated an educational project aimed at giving exhaustive answers.

Thanks also to an agreement with, we have planned an educational path that will permit to get all the basic principles and rules of Revenue, through a five-day full immersion.

The first course is going to start the 19th of January 2015 in Rome and enrollments are open.

During the 40-hour classes, the 20 participants selected (we have chosen to restrict the access in order to follow more carefully each student) will feel like living in an out-and-out university campus.

So that everybody can have an idea of the Revenue Academy’s educational path, it is possible to visit our brand new website dedicated to the school

The administrative office is at your beck and call – also by means of specific forms – to answer all your questions or receive your enrollment forms.

We’re waiting for you!

Franco Grasso, Franco Laico and the Revenue Team

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